Best Places for Homeschoolers

Gregory and Martine Millman, authors of Homeschooling: a Family’s Journey (Tarcher, 2008), wrote recently on their blog of the same name: “…We have always paid close attention to the relationship between homeschooling, economics, and lifestyle. The global financial crisis that began shortly after publication of our book led us attempt to identify the best places to live for homeschoolers. The reason was simple: income was uncertain and costs were rising relentlessly in New Jersey. Could we keep affording this place? Was it worth it? Was there a better place to be?”

In order to answer those questions for themselves, the Millmans tried to consider all of the factors that make places particularly good to live for homeschoolers, such as the cost of living, cost of housing, taxes, cost of health insurance, employment, support for small business and entrepreneurship, rates of college education, marriage, church attendance, library use, mental health, state productivity, volunteering, voter turnout, political corruption and government transparency.

In the process, they discovered that many people across the country are asking the same questions about their own states. They present the preliminary results of their analysis at their blog, with plans to add more information over the next few weeks, and they invite anyone interested to get in touch with them about the project.

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