AHA Citizen's Journal

AHAflagAre you always finding interesting stories, news items, websites and resources that you think other homeschoolers would enjoy? The AHA is looking for people to write for the American Homeschool Association’s Open Online Journalism project, or Citizen’s Journal. Your contribution can be a sentence or a paragraph, a single link or an entire page, a commentary or whatever you’d like to contribute. The American Homeschool Association’s Open Online Journalism Project provides a voice and broad exposure for the work homeschoolers are involved in, and it offers homeschoolers a place to share, learn and help others become empowered.

The AHA Citizen’s Journal will address issues related to homeschooling and which homeschool advocates have a passion for: homeschooling, unschooling, parenting, rights and responsibilities, curfews, activities . . . the list goes on. If you have comments, suggestions, or an article or other contribution to share, write to the AHA Project Managers, Mary Nix and Susan Ryan.

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