A Valid Option

A few great excerpts from an article in Qubec’s weekly Suburban titled Homeschooling can be a valid option, by Linda Zlatkin:

Everything in life is a learning experience. Fifteen years ago, Debbie Smart had an experience that made a lasting, and learning, impression.

When her daughter Isabelle was just over two years old, Smart met some people who were homeschooling their children, and thought: “These kids are really interesting and they’re so intelligent. What a great idea!”

By the time her second daughter, Emilie, came along, Smart began to think that the regular school system might be too rigid for them. She wanted to focus on her children’s natural curiosity.

“I became their facilitator, not their teacher,” says Smart. “They would watch Scientific American on television and then come back and tell me about the fascinating things they were discovering.”

As a result, Smart has been learning along with her daughters — Isabelle and Emilie Desmarais, now 18 and 16 respectively.

They use a student-directed style of homeschooling called unschooling. “It is education, not schooling,” says Smart. “We believe that everything around us has the potential to become a learning experience.”

“Because each child is born with what Einstein called ‘the holy curiosity of inquiry,’ for them, learning is as natural as breathing.”

…since homeschoolers work on the premise that every child is an individual, when you have a classroom of one, the child’s individuality is completely taken into account. After all, they are the only one in the class.

Read the entire article at the link above.

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