Where Do You Want the Sandbox?

“When our kids were younger, Ken and I had a long discussion that really boiled down to this question: Where do you want the sandbox?

“It was a serious question. We were already making lots of choices that set us apart, what with home births and extended breast feeding — and now that our babies were toddlers and small children and wanted some social life, we were trying to decide how that social life should play out.

sandbox“Where do you want the sandbox? Do you want the sandbox — the place where the kids gather, make friends, play — to be at your house, where you can watch, participate, know what’s happening — and be overwhelmed, and be responsible, and have to keep the snacks coming? Or do you want the sandbox at someone else’s house, so that you’ll have a break, find some time to yourself, save on the snacks and the clean up — and not be overwhelmed by, but also not be on top of, your kid’s every move.”

Continue reading Lisa Hodge Kander’s Where Do You Want the Sandbox? from the September-October 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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