When Dad Homeschools

“For a man to place himself in the home on a full-time basis turns cultural assumptions on their head, but for him to take on the task of full-time homeschooling forces him to re-evaluate his own assumptions.” – Jim Dunn

The topic of dads homeschooling their children full time is the subject of Jim Dunn’s inspiring article from our May-June, 1998 issue, titled When Dad Homeschools: From Breadwinning to Bread Baking:

“As the primary homeschooling parent for my nine-year-old daughter, I am not your regular dad. Even among homeschoolers nationally, I am one of only .5% of primary caregivers who are fathers. Fathers as full-time care givers are pretty scarce, but far fewer are full-time homeschooling dads. This is not surprising, if we consider the father’s place in our culture. Dad has a fairly ambiguous position in the family, on the one hand the breadwinner, the one whose income is counted on, the one with the most earning power. But on the other hand, this role outside the family removes him from much of the family’s daily growth processes. His integrity in the family depends upon his absence.”

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  1. Zhang Xiao-kun on December 31, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Dear Sir:

    May I have the pleasure to get your help? I am a Chinese. I have read the article “When Dad Homeschools: from Breadwinning to Baking” , which was written by Jim Dunn in 1998. Jim Dunn was my best friend when he came to China about 20 years ago. At that time he taught English in Tianjin Normal University. And in 1989, he left China and we have not been in touch for more than 10 years. Luckily enough, I found his artice and could you please contact him for me and tell him I am Xiao Kun and give him my E-mail address. Thanks a lot.