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antique globeIn the November-December 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine, in an article titled The Value of Virtual Expeditions, Judy Aron shared some wonderful experiences her family had enjoyed via virtual expeditions:

Every homeschooler knows what a wonderful learning opportunity travel is for kids. They learn mathematics (conversion rates in currency, distances traveled), history, social studies, geography, art, writing skills… you name it, because travel is a real life experience.

For homeschoolers who have access to the Internet, virtual expeditions are also an incredible resource. There are many web sites which can “take you away” to a particular place, but a virtual expedition is different: it’s more interactive and is added to on a daily basis. These daily unfolding experiences are almost like a real trip.

My children are ages 5, 10 and 13, and through the Internet they have been traveling around the world. This past Spring, thanks to the efforts of GlobaLearn, they were able to join a Trans-Asia Expedition which retraced the steps of Marco Polo and the Silk Route.

Continue reading Judy’s article, or check out the sites below as a starting point – or simply do a web search for virtual expeditions in any subject area. [Editor’s Note: I could not find the Globalearn resource which Judy mentioned in her article.

National Geographic


Bridge Marine Education Resources

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