"Unqualified" Families

Over the years, a few people have claimed that stricter regulation of homeschooling is needed to prevent “unqualified” families from homeschooling. Some public school officials, a few legislators, and others have occasionally expressed concern that some truants are “escaping to homeschooling.” Some people, including a few supporters of homeschooling and even a few homeschoolers, fear that “unqualified” homeschoolers will spoil the good reputation homeschooling now has. Recent media reports of alleged child abuse by families claiming to be homeschooling have reopened the question. This question of what (if anything) should be done about “unqualified” families can be divided into several parts:

• How can we convince other homeschoolers (and be sure ourselves) that it would be a mistake to have stricter homeschooling laws to prevent “unqualified” families from homeschooling?

• How can we convince legislators, non-homeschoolers we know, and the general public that such laws would be a mistake?

• How can we respond to the claim that increased regulation of homeschooling is needed to prevent child abuse by families who claim to be homeschooling?

Jul-Aug/04Continue reading this column, Why Legislation to Prevent “Unqualified” Families From Homeschooling Won’t Work, by Larry and Susan Kaseman from the July/August, 2004 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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