Travis the Traveling Bear

bearIn the Nov/Dec, 1998 issue of Home Education Magazine, Julie Hart shared her article detailing the adventures of Travis the Traveling Bear:

Travis H. Bear [the ‘H’ is for Homeschool] is somewhere in the United States. He is traveling across the country, visiting for a week with a homeschooling family in each of the 50 states. At each stop, his host family will: mail a postcard home to us so we can keep up with his travels; take him to some of their favorite places and take pictures; make an entry in his journal, writing about where they live and their homeschooling, what they did while he was there, and putting in pictures; and then they will send him on to the next family. His journey will end up taking well over a year after factoring in mailing time.

I remember reading about a project along these general lines some time back, probably on a homeschooling internet bulletin board. I thought it was a great idea at the time, but didn’t pursue it. Then in mid-May I had major abdominal surgery. Suddenly I had lots of time to sit around and think of all the things I could do when I wasn’t ‘sitting around’. I brought the idea up to my seven year old son, Tony. He was adamant in his initial refusal – he was absolutely not sending one of his animals anywhere!

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