Time for Family Baseball

Spring is here and it is time once again for our support group to begin playing Thursday morning Family Baseball. This has become one of our most enduring gatherings because, for five months out of the year, it is our weekly community meeting place where we chat, share snacks, fly kites, meet friends, check out the bulletin board, and even play baseball. After the game the parking lot becomes the launch area for spontaneous excursions to the beach, fishing expeditions, and picnics.

We get to know each other better and become closer when we play together. People tend to let go of their reserve when they are running around the bases or chasing a bouncing ball. Our modified game is a wonderful choice for community play because practically everyone is familiar with baseball, and it is physically accessible to all ages and abilities. You need only a bat, a ball, a batting tee for the young and inexperienced, some carpet remnant bases, and an open field.

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