The Balance of Motherhood and Personhood: Whose Needs Come First? Our Children or Our Own? by Tara Wagner

Tara with her fabulous husband and son

I battled the voices in my head that said my value was tied to work independent of my family. I struggled when I tried to release my own dreams and concentrate my creative energy on motherhood and partnership with my husband. I felt like I couldn’t win the losing battle.
I was pulled from the outside and from within, and I grappled to answer the same question I have come to discover so many mothers grapple with: How do I balance my desire to be the parent my child needs and deserves with my desire to do more in my life? How do I live my heart and soul, share my message or my passion with the world, and do the work outside my home that brings me joy and fulfillment without depleting myself of the time and energy needed within my home, without losing my footing on the delicate tightrope of me versus us, without forcing them to sacrifice?

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