The "S" Word

beachkids“A new acquaintance, this one a mother with grown children, learned that we had homeschooled our kids. Her most burning concern: what about socialization?

“Paradoxically, the questioner had just spent an hour plus with our two kids, home for the holidays. Before she had learned about Jeff and Tamara’s backgrounds, she commented about how outgoing, mature, and capable they seemed to be. Despite this observation, once she learned about our homeschooling, she couldn’t help wondering about the “S” word.

“There are specific scenarios, I believe, that prompt the concern of those unfamiliar with home education. “How do kids, especially teenagers, meet other kids?” “What about football games and the prom?” “What about graduation?” It’s amazing how many questioners refer back to those supposedly pivotal, formative experiences when they first think about home-based education.”

Continue reading The “S” Word, by Cafi Cohen, from the March-April, 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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