The Eclectic Heretic Homeschooler

I read with great interest the article in a recent Home Education Magazine defending unschooling to structured schoolers. In my neck of the woods, the shoe seems to be permanently on the other foot. I can’t count the times I’ve heard my fellow homeschoolers, most of whom unschool, utter conventional proverbs such as, “When you’ve homeschooled long enough, you’ll unschool.” Statements like, “I facilitate my child’s education; I don’t control it,” leave me, the structured heretic, feeling a bit like Genghis Khan, as if I am riding roughshod over my children’s natural curiosity, completely ignoring their needs and desires with my imposition of structure on their education. Not that these comments are ever meant to be in any way derogatory or hurtful. The consensus is simply that once you’ve been home with your children long enough, once you’ve seen their minds blossom and their curiosity take wing, you’ll naturally relax and let Nature take her course. Unschooling is “natural” schooling.

I couldn’t disagree more.

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