Teens and Writing

As teenagers, our kids seldom did grammar exercises and never wrote reports and term papers. According to some in the educational establishment, they ought to be poor writers. Not so. Both got “A’s” in their college freshmen English classes. Friends now often ask them for help editing assignments. Both enjoy writing and produce credible pieces for college classes as well as for real life purposes.

teenWhen we first began homeschooling Jeffrey and Tamara (ages 12 and 11 respectively), I already knew their strengths and weaknesses as writers. Jeff followed the rules of grammar and produced (what’s a nice word here?) mechanical pieces. Although Tamara’s creative stories entertained us, we struggled to understand them because they were so filled with grammar and usage errors.

In one way, I was probably a pretty typical beginning homeschooling parent. I saw my kids writing strengths, and I had identified the areas where each needed work.

Continue reading Developing a Writers Toolkit, by Cafi Cohen, free online from the November-December, 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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