Shooting Hoops, Riding Bikes

In her article for the Sept/Oct 2000 issue of Home Education Magazine, “Shooting Hoops, Riding Bikes,” Sue Smith-Heavenrich explains Science and Math in a Kid’s World:

“My younger son loves to play basketball. Or ride his bike through the just-melted mud patches on the logging road. Or follow frogs or kick a soccer ball or just about anything – except sit for long periods of time trying to figure out useless math problems from a workbook. Like this one: You want to measure exactly five cups of water but you have only two measuring beakers. One holds exactly three cups and the other exactly seven cups.

‘So fill up the three-cup measure, dump it in the seven-cup measure and scratch a line to mark it,’ says my son. There are easier ways to solve this problem than the answer the book gives.”

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