Revelations of a Homeschooling Mom

One of our all-time favorite and most-requested articles ran in our January-February, 1995 issue. It was titled Revelations of a Homeschooling Mom, by Carol Wanagel, and it provided an eye-opening look at some discoveries Carol made about homeschooling. After more than 15 years, this article still answers many basic homeschool questions:

“Thirteen years ago when my kids first talked me into trying this homeschooling thing, I was like everyone else who thinks about trying it- scared. I didn’t know how to teach a kid to read and I didn’t remember much of the science or math or history I’d been taught, and what would the school officials do to us?

‘So I had my doubts, but, even without knowing all the good that would come out of home education, I had to consider it. I never felt right about sending my kids to school, knowing what it was like there. From the moment that motorized yellow monster came to the end of my driveway and swallowed up my children, I felt guilty and anxious until they were home again. It seemed worth it to try something else.”

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