Organizing a Convention

Have you ever gone to a homeschool convention and wished that you could have picked the workshops that were offered? A simple way to have that decision-making power is to organize your own homeschool convention. Did I say simple? Well, if you have a computer, are a fairly determined person (what homeschool mom isn’t?), and know the Five Secrets to Convention Organization, anyone can do it.

I’m going to pass on the secrets for free, in hopes that lots of small homeschool conventions will pop up everywhere. I believe there is a need for more local gatherings of homeschoolers to exchange ideas, pick up tips, and encourage each other along the journey. What better way to do this than at a local convention?

Continue reading Sherry Stacy’s informative and encouraging article, “How Any Ol’ Homeschooling Mom Can Organize a Convention,” from the January-February, 2000 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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