May-June 2012 Home Education Magazine


Home Education Magazine’s May-June 2012 issue is in production. The May-June 2012 Table of Contents is up and ready for review.

In this issue you will find old friends, new voices and, as always, homeschooling articles, news and information with that special perspective on homeschooling that you have come to expect from Home Education Magazine.


Take a look at at just a couple of homeschooling articles!


– by Emily McIntyre
Emily McIntyre contemplates, the inability to answer that damning question: “And what do you do?,” and she celebrates that homeschooling can lead to a life without limits.

Homeschool Mom To College Student

– by Jennifer Granholm
With a high school graduation goal to never enter another classroom as long as she lived, Jeanie Granholm found a path to college through discoveries as a homeschool mom.

Here are just a few of the homeschooling columns you will find:

My Word! – by David H. Albert

Socializing Remy

David tells us how he ‘socailized’ his terrier puppy and contrasts that with school socialization is essentially a management strategy, and it imparts certain ideas, habits, and values – none very positive for kids or society.

Road Less Traveledby Linda Dobson

Children: The Dumbing-Down, Doping-Up and Spirit-Crushing

Linda gives readers a synopsis of how the dumbing-down, doping-up and spirit-crushing of our children has been accomplished.

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(Please note: The May-June 2012 issue of Home education Magazine is available in digital format only. Print will be back with the Sept-Oct/12 issue.)