May-June Articles

In our May-June issue several articles highlight creative ways to engage your children in learning:

• The Homemade Booklet: A Simple Tool for Planning & Preparing, by Nancy Walters – Some homeschooling methods are decidedly low-tech. One mom embraces the humble homemade booklet as a simple way to get prepared–and get down to hands-on science.

• Simplifying Your Science Program: Savor the Fun, Skip the Stress, by Andrea Lehner – Veteran homeschooling mother Andrea shares tips and insight for teaching science at home without the stress. With a few simple tricks, science can be a fun part of every homeschooling curriculum that the entire family can enjoy together.

Fun Theory, by Laura Weldon – Find out seven ways that lively, engaged learning happens quite naturally from the author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything.

The Fairies’ Midwife: Learning Shakespeare with a Homespun Mother, by Denise A. Evarts – Denise chronicles her child-led learning journey and journals about a homeschooling Shakespeare troupe she facilitates in her backyard.

Two additional articles explore both ends of the homeschool spectrum: young homeschoolers and a mother’s perspective on almost two decades:

• A Day In The Life: Homeschooling a Young Family, by Tera Schreiber – If you are intimidated by the idyllic descriptions of homeschooling, read about the day in the life of a family whose life is, happily, less than perfect.

• Great Moments in Homeschooling, by Kristin A. Oakley – A humorous and poignant look at the past eighteen years of unschooling her two daughters.

Also in this issue Mary Nix interviews Lisa Marie Reiss, who, along with a core of nine families, started Homeschool Association of Harford and Surrounding Areas (HAHSA). She tells us her family has, “as I think many families do, one parent wanting to homeschool, the other unsure.”

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