Making the Decision

Earl Gary Stevens discusses making the decision between homeschooling and public school in this column from the March/April 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine:

“…Several parents have told me that they have enrolled children in public schools after having practiced home education, in some cases for many years. Some of them speak in a matter-of-fact way about their decision. Others seem to feel guilty and apologetic. More than one parent felt challenged and defensive due to criticism of compulsory schooling at the support group level and in the home education media. Criticism of the institution of compulsory schooling may be felt personally as criticism of families among us who do business with their neighborhood schools.

“I hope we can put this perception aside and avoid getting tangled up in it. Whatever our individual circumstances, whether or not we have children in schools, we must still be able to express our misgivings about schooling in general and to offer support and encouragement for those who are searching for a way out. Parents who decide for their own reasons to make use of a school do not need to explain themselves to anybody, and people who are critical of compulsory schooling do not need to equivocate. Regardless of what we are doing in our personal lives we can all continue to speak passionately about broader issues.”

Continue reading Earl’s column free online at the link above.

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