Take A Closer Look

HEM’s Closer Look series includes plenty of great articles gathered under helpful themes such as Unschooling, Activities, Homeschooling Older Kids, Homeschooling Dads and more. Especially helpful for new homeschoolers is the Closer Look at Learning Methods and Styles collection of articles from past issues. An example:

“What I’ve seen over the years is that homeschooling is most successful as a way of life when we can manage to let go of the limiting notion of a separate activity called ‘homeschooling.’ Although there are many important things to learn (and to study) about the world and about our lives, learning can and does thrive quite abundantly and naturally without a structured schooling format. Children want and need their parents to be parents, not home school teachers. The greatest joys and successes seems to come in just being, learning, and growing together in mutual respect, and that can take many forms that have no categorized name.” ~Lillian Jones, creator of Best Homeschooling

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