Our July – August Issue

The July-August, 2012 issue of Home Education Magazine – HEM features articles such as Sharing the Family Travel Journal, by Angelle Gremillion, explaining her family’s surprising experiences in keeping a shared travel journal as they vacation in Europe; in Accidental Unschooler, Stephanie W. Lillegard shares her amusing and unexpected conversion to an unschooling mom; Agnes Penny compares the benefits and striking parallels between Homeschooling and Homebirthing; Robin Perreault shares the joys and challenges of being a frequent library patron in Library Indiscretions; Elissa Peterson shows how the garden is a natural and safe place for children to explore their environment and wake up their senses; and Susan Staunton takes her readers on an exploration of the important differences between solids and liquids, exploring some basic scientific concepts and important differences between the two states of matter.

In the columns Laura Weldon’s Free Range Learning column explains how children learn best when new information is presented to them when they’re ready for it; inGood Stuff Rebecca Rupp describes how The National Homeschool Book Award selects and recommends fiction books for kids which portray how kids learn and grow through independent exploration and real-life experiences; Unschooled Girl, Kate Fridkis goes exploring middle and high school for the first time; Tamra Orr describes her feelings of loss over the closing of the Borders Bookstores chain in Learning 101; and in her new columnA Matter of Conscience, Kelly Green discusses the question of the state’s compelling interest in education, explaining how, simply stated, policy makers fear that citizens who cannot support themselves, in an economic sense, may become a financial burden upon the state.

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  1. Mindy @ DenSchool on July 26, 2012 at 11:03 am

    Sounds great. I am assuming it is the same Rebecca Rupp that wrote Home Learning Year by Year. I love that book and would love to explore more written by her