Intrinsic Motivations for Learning

Patrick Farenga“As homeschoolers we need to find ways to reach out to teachers and parents who don’t want to see childrens’ 12 years of compulsory schooling reduced to skills training for big business. Nurturing the human capacity to learn through love and intrinsic motivation is as important to life — to me, more important — as ‘learning for earning.’ Art, religion, music, science, math, literature, and so on have made significant strides throughout human history because of our intrinsic motivations for learning, not in spite of it! Shutting off all the avenues to these subjects and reducing them to one toll road is the blight of educational hubris. By ‘educational hubris’ I mean as Ivan Illich defined it in Deschooling Society in 1972 (to paraphrase): ‘doing what God himself cannot do: namely, manipulate others for their own salvation.’”

From An Interview with Patrick Farenga, by Helen Hegener for Home Education Magazine.

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One Response to Intrinsic Motivations for Learning

  1. Sarah South on July 9, 2012 at 12:46 am

    This is absolutely crucial. Not all of our children are alike. They all have individual hopes, dreams and motivations. We must pay attention to these, and help nourish them. We are created as spectacular creatures, and we must not squash the natural desire to learn out of our little ones.

    I try to do this with my son as much as possible, and it’s working fantastically.

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