Homeschool Boys Book Club

3books“Just after lunch, one Monday each month, there is an audible buzz in the children’s room of our local library. The hubbub begins at the door as a group of five enthusiastic homeschooled boys race one another into a much anticipated book club meeting. They are an eclectic group, but the chattering is nonstop and oftentimes cacophonous; they talk about everything from the newest computer games, Pokemon (TM) card collections, Boy Scout meetings, chess clubs, tree houses, and a myriad of sports. They each select a colorful carpet square and lounge on the floor around me, relaxing in a semi-circle. Now it’s time to talk books. And yes, they are all more than willing to switch gears and share a conversation about a common title and most importantly about reading, a common interest.”

Continue reading Homeschool Boys Book Club, by Deb Adamson, in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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