Good Stuff

“In all our years of homeschooling, we’ve never used a packaged curriculum, which is probably just as well. Knowing our kids’ unpredictable patterns of interests and opinionated personalities, I suspect it would have been substantial money down the tubes. Instead, we’ve found it easier – and more rewarding – to invent curricula of our own. The main advantage here, of course, is that a home-designed curriculum suits its users to a T: programs and subjects can be tailored precisely to individual interests and learning styles. A disadvantage is that homemade curricula can be overwhelmingly time-consuming for the lesson-planning parent. Our kids, for example, move so much faster than I do and in so many different directions that it’s often hard (impossible) to keep up – they leap from entomology to ancient China to architecture without pausing for breath, eager to dissect grasshoppers, experiment with Chinese brush painting, raise silkworms, build a model of the Eiffel Tower.”

Read the entire Good Stuff column by Rebecca Rupp, from our Sept/Oct 1997 issue.

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