Empowering Families in Tough Times

In their March-April 2009 article for Taking Charge, longtime HEM columnists Larry and Susan Kaseman address the issue of “How Homeschooling Empowers Families in Tough Times.” They write:

“In these tough economic times, we can increase our confidence and reduce our worries by considering the resources we have. We homeschoolers are aware of the many advantages of homeschooling, but we may not have thought of them as part of our non-material wealth and as assets for tough times. Reviewing them now may also help us respond to questions from others (and perhaps ourselves) about whether we’re going to give up homeschooling so we have more time to work for pay.

“But what does this have to do with maintaining homeschooling freedoms, the focus of these Taking Charge columns? When we look at examples of how homeschooling strengthens us, we discover that many are based on differences between homeschools and conventional schools. We have to maintain our freedom to homeschool in our own way, according to our principles and beliefs, rather than being required to follow the standards, approaches, or models of conventional schools.”

Continue reading this informative article, free online, at this link.

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