In her current Closer Look feature Mary Nix spotlights Deschooling, which is defined by the late Ned Vare as “the word that describes the transition from school to a life of educating ourselves. It is usually the parents who need a helping hand in trusting their own children. That is because we have all been told that children need to be forced to learn, that school is the only place it happens, and many more lies.” (Ned Vare and Luz Shosie, July/August 2008, HEM Interview)

Mary writes, “My children were born natural learners, constantly exploring, questioning with a curiosity that gave me sheer joy to be a part of. Trouble was, as they progressed from being toddlers and ventured toward compulsory attendance and school age, instead of being a joyous participant, I began to lose some of that joy as I began to pay more attention to societal educational standards. Eventually those standards and the drive to test children younger and younger led my family to the homeschool choice. Still, it took many years for me to deschool and I’d like to share some past articles and deschooling resources for anyone looking to reach that deschooled spot sooner rather than later.” Among the authors whose writing Mary shares are Ned and Luz, Cafi Cohen, Susanna Wesley, Janet Keip, Larry and Susan Kaseman, Mary McCarthy, Dawn Colclasure, Carol Wanagel, Lenita Harsch, and Charlotte C. Monte. Other Deschooling resources are included.

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