Compulsory Unschooling?

Two years ago, when Fiona turned 4, Sam and I decided to homeschool her. She is an inventive, observant child, sensitive and funny and great company. It would be a tragedy to find school rubbing away her uniqueness. Once we made this decision, it seemed like such a radical step for me, the daughter of a public school principal and teacher, the niece of a public school teacher, the sister of two public… well, you get the idea. So I read and read and read. I read John Holt, back issues of Home Education Magazine and Growing Without Schooling. I read books by the Moores. I even read The Teenage Liberation Handbook. I wanted to learn how people conduct a homeschooling life.

I learned useful responses for the friendly and unfriendly questions like, “How do you do it?” and “How will they ever be socialized?” and “You’re going to do what with my grandchildren?” Mostly I was learning not to repeat other people’s mistakes, and the most common one, clearly, was to replicate school at home.

Continue reading this article, Compulsory Unschooling?, by Janet Lowry, from the Nov/Dec, 1998 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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