A Matter of Trust

One day last spring, when my children went out to play, they discovered wildflowers growing in the alley next to our home. A short while later, they ran in breathlessly and announced that they were going to have a flower sale.

My immediate thought was that no one would want to pay money for weeds they picked for free. Besides which, it was mid-morning, and no one was around to buy them. Fighting my urge to dissuade them and thereby protect them from failure, I asked what their specific plans were. They excitedly explained how they had arranged the flowers into different sized bouquets, and would sell them to people going by our house. I paused, reassuring myself that that experience is the best teacher, and that regardless of the outcome, it would be a good learning experience. Then I agreed.

They ran off again to make signs about their sale, pausing to ask me for word spellings and taking out time to discuss appropriate prices for the bouquets. They discussed strategy to attract the attention of passing cars.

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