A Basket Full of Sunshine

BasketsFrom the Jan-Feb, 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine comes this gem from the Reflections column, by Kathleen Creech, titled A Basket Full of Sunshine:

The sun finally broke through the coastal fog and warmed the surrounding dunes. In my hands I held a lop-sided reed basket no bigger than a doll’s teacup. The green reeds yielded to the tight curves and gleamed roundly back at me. Seven year old Becky rushed up to me, breathless from exploring the beach.

“Can I hold it, Mom?” she asked.

I nodded and she reached out her hands, carefully cradling the tiny basket. She held it up to the sun and smiled at the light that shone through the cracks.

“Would you like to have that basket, Becky?” I asked her as I flopped backwards on the sand to escape the ever-present onshore wind.

“Yes!” she said, putting the basket into the hand warmer pocket of her sweatshirt, patting it in place. Then she scrambled up and was gone adventuring again. I smiled and closed my eyes. Someday, I promised myself, I will take a course in basket weaving and learn how to make a real basket.

But life is not always filled with green pliable reeds, nor is there always time to learn how to weave. We just have to take what is at hand and make what we can of it.

Last summer I happened on a garage sale late in the day. Amidst the books and garments and dishes, I found two cardboard boxes full of baskets. I fished through them, and finally chose one I liked very much. I held it up to the light, admired it and read the “Made in Taiwan” sticker on the bottom. An elderly man walked up to me.

“So, you like baskets?” he said, coming to the point.

“How much is this basket?” I asked, feigning indifference, unwilling to confess my basket passion until I knew how much it would cost me.

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One Response to A Basket Full of Sunshine

  1. Lil Lawrence on October 1, 2009 at 11:25 am

    That was beautiful. Thank you for your inspiring story. It moved me to tears.
    Warmest regards, Lil