Public Image of Homeschooling

As the popularity of home education continues to rise dramatically, so too does the diversification of the homeschooling community. Families are turning to home education for reasons that are as diverse as their religious, political, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds in ever increasing numbers. The public image of homeschoolers in America at large, however, continues to stagnate, mired in ugly, one dimensional stereotypes often unfortunately perpetuated by alarmist claims from university scholars.

An article provocatively entitled, “The Harms of Homeschooling,” by Georgetown Law Center professor, Robin L. West, was published in the Summer/Fall 2009 issue of University of Maryland’s Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly. The piece recently caught the attention of the American homeschooling community with the author’s harsh policy recommendations. Her suggested regulation seems to be rooted in a myopic stereotypical image of today’s home educating family and a revisionist legal history of modern home education. Professor West is hardly the first academic critic of homeschooling, but her poorly supported recommendations draw from and consolidate aspects of the viewpoints of other academic anti-homeschooling critics like Robert Reich and Kimberly Yuracko.

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