Homeschool v. Home School

What difference does it make how “homeschooling” is spelled? The choice of spelling influences the meaning that is conveyed. For some people, “home school” brings to mind the common meanings of both words, that is, a “home school” is assumed to be a SCHOOL that happens to be located in a family’s HOME. In this case, the assumption is that the “school” is very similar to a conventional school. There are desks, textbooks, workbooks, a set daily schedule, lesson content students must learn each year, tests, grades, and perhaps recess.

On the other hand, “homeschool” proclaims a new idea (or perhaps the rediscovery a very old idea that nearly disappeared when compulsory school attendance laws were passed). “Homeschooling” is not limited to the meanings of its two root words. That is, the most important thing about “homeschooling” is that it is an approach to learning in which parents take direct responsibility for the education of their children with as little state regulation as possible.

In Homeschool v. Home School: What’s In a Name?, for the May-June issue of Home Education Magazine, Larry and Susan Kaseman explain the important differences between homeschool and home school.

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One Response to Homeschool v. Home School

  1. Linda on May 8, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    I have seen “home-school” spelt in a few different ways ,as you mentioned.I honestly always wondered the difference,and never knew why;So Thank you for posting this information!!!!! 😉
    From what you described for the two spellings.We defaniatly are Homeschooling…We defiantly dance to the beat of our own drum,We school year round,We use a online program( We let our children learn at their own pace..ect. ect . ect.
    Of course I go by my state laws ( but making it “legal” doesnt mean making it “boring” or like “public school” We always try to make sure we are having Fun :)


    Thanks for the article ,Much appreciated!