Historic Perspective

“The history of the homeschool movement is instructive, in its details and its broader lessons, for the national politics of today.”

Twenty years ago the publishers of Home Education Magazine produced a series of writings which outlined and explained changes which were happening within the then-still-new homeschooling movement. Homeschooling Freedoms at Risk includes writings by Mark and Helen Hegener, Larry and Susan Kaseman, Linda Dobson, Patrick Farenga, David and Micki Colfax, and many other homeschool authors, writers, support group leaders, lobbyists, and parents who understood that important changes were taking place, changes which still have context and meaning not only for today’s homeschooling families, but for our nation as a whole.

The dynamics which shaped the early homeschool movement are the same dynamics which are shaping the lives of every American today, and by understanding what happened within the homeschooling community 30 years ago we can better understand the forces which are continuing to affect our lives today.

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