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We publish stories and articles from families who empower their children and teens to live a life rich with self-directed experimentation, thought and action.  Whether you are new to this lifestyle or experienced, whether your child/teen chooses to play all day or attend school (yes! self-directed people sometimes choose school!), we would love to read your story.  We are also interested in stories of parents in such families who are learning, reinventing and unschooling themselves in the midst of family life.

We welcome a diverse range of people, families and experiences.

We will pay you for each article/story we print and for each of your photos we use. See our writer’s guidelines for more submission information and payment rates.

We are currently in search of your experience, insight and wisdom in the following areas:

We want to hear about the fresh, bright ways your family is learning and exploring the world together. Tell us about the ways you have successfully dealt with challenges in your family, ranging from divorce and illness, sibling or familial conflict, boredom, nay saying friends and relatives and more.


  1. Tell us how you have learned to maneuver the challenges of letting go of control and honor your child’s inner compass.
  2. How do you live harmoniously with video games and television?
  3. Tell us about your special child or teen, or ask them to tell us: how have their unique drives, passions and interests led them to something exciting, revolutionary, inventive… earth-shattering in some way?
  4. Do you have an unschooled child or teen who has chosen to attend school? Tell us about the journey.
  5. Has your child or teen left a school environment and become an unschooler? Tell us about the transition.
  6. Has your child or teen (or your family) started a business that has been an extraordinary experience?
  7. Are you a grandparent who is unschooling or homeschooling your grandchild(ren)? Tell us about it!
  8. Are you a teen or young adult who has chosen to continue self-educating and not attend or aspire to college?
  9. Do you have an unschooled teen who chose college?
  10. What have you learned from your child or teen as they have blossomed and taken charge of their education, their world?


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