Won’t They Be ‘Different’?

“Aren’t you doing your kids a disservice by homeschooling? I mean, how will they fit into the real world if they haven’t been schooled like everyone else? Won’t they be different?’

“I sure hope so!” I wanted to say. “I really want my children to be different!” Her question was honest enough. She was concerned about my kids’ futures. I don’t think she would have ever understood if I’d tried to explain to her why different is good. So I just smiled and said, ‘Well, they seem to fit in most everywhere,” as I glanced past her shoulder at my youngest daughter scooping up her baby and the rest pairing off, already finding common interests.

Our society pays great lip service to ‘being your own person.” Several years ago a TV commercial applauded the individual who took the last exit off the freeway in search of his uniqueness. we still idolize the Horatio Alger ideals of fortitude, hard work, and the concept that “anyone can work their way to the top.” Chances are now that one of those fictional boys would have difficulty getting a job, because in reality independent thinking and self taught skills are not valued.

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