A Whole New Game, by Kelly Green

by Kelly Green

Sure, homeschooling is effective. Yes, homeschooling produces well-educated, functional adults who contribute to their communities and can support themselves financially. But that’s all old news.

So what’s the new news? The new news is that, like Billy Beane’s Athletics, we have changed the terms of engagement. Only we go even further than the A’s. Because we don’t just play the game of education, as others define it, with fewer resources (and frequently with better “results”). We have actually made up our own game. We have made our own rules, and decided for ourselves what winning means.

Our game doesn’t involve learning about life so much as living it. Living life happens to involve a lot of learning, but it’s active, not passive. Our “movement,” inspired as it has been by visionaries like John Holt, encourages us to learn in an infinite number of ways. While the average home-educating home may hold hundreds, or even thousands, of books, we don’t stop there. We might learn a language by finding someone who speaks it and getting them to talk to us. We might learn our trigonometry from surveying. We can learn about animals by raising them. We may or may not choose to get credentials, depending upon our personal goals.

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