Welcome to the Sisterhood

women“I stand at the threshold of an alien subculture-the sorority of homeschool moms. Although I’m pretty sure there’s no secret handshake, there is much for me to learn. You see, I fell into homeschooling overnight, making the decision just days before my son’s first tuition payment was due. Now with one year under my belt, I’ve decided to research the homeschooling phenomenon with all the dedication of a college freshman dissecting sorority rush. And I have found some surprising similarities.”

Continue reading Welcome to the Sisterhood, by Amy Hollingsworth, in the Nov-Dec, 1998 issue of Home Education Magazine, in which she finds the overwhelming majority of homeschoolers to be a compassionate, encouraging, and inspirational people. Check out our back issues sale too!

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Sisterhood

  1. Sandra on January 25, 2010 at 11:21 am

    The lastest incident at my children’s school this past Friday has lead me to make the decision this weekend that we will either need to leave the state for better schooling or I will need to homeschool. I never thought I could be a homeschooler, I never finished high school and got a GED at the age of 17. Now, do to my extreme abhorrance of corporal punishment and the underlying all pervasive degrading attitude that makes it possible, even though my children will never be paddled by me or anyone else, I cannot let my children attend school here without acknowledging that as a parent doing so would render me completely irresponsible with no concern for my child’s future.
    Of course, when at the beginning of the school year my son came home from Kindergarten and told me his teacher was scaring him (she was screaming at the class and brought a two foot long wooden paddle to the “reading carpet” to show what could happen to children who didn’t behave, leaving it on her desk as a constant reminder)and after knowing why I complained that I would not stand for my son being threatened in any way shape or form, I was completely and utterly dismissed by school officials. Nothing was happening that wasn’t perfectly legal, they knew about it and supported it as a form of behavior management. I immediately demanded a transfer to another school, which I recieved but I should of known better that I would eventually come across the same attitude and now I have. Sadly, I see the children will have to finish out the school year since we are past Dec. 15.
    I have 3 children all one year apart age 6, 7, and 8, two boys and a girl in the middle. There is no father and we live with grandmother who isn’t supportive of homeschooling. Clearly, she doesn’t think I’m up to the job. I hope I am or I will have to leave the farm and there’s no guarrantee that the grass will be greener on the other side. I guess if you want green grass you have to plant it yourself. I’m looking forward to getting to know the Sisterhood. My email is radicalmommy@gmail.com. I need letters and support from anyone who has the time to give it. I feel alone in this community that tried to make me feel insane for questioning their authority on how children should be treated. On Friday, I walked up to a teacher and told her if she wanted to address my son she would need to do it with respect. I’m sure the whole school is still in shock. God only knows what will happen next. Sandra

    • Mark on January 25, 2010 at 3:37 pm

      Congratulations and thank you for standing up for your son. More parents need to. I will email shortly.