We Stopped “School-at-Home”

Ah, it was the first day of school on August 3. It was a little early to start our homeschool year, I admit, but my education degree was itching to be put to use after a three month vacation proceeding the birth of our eighth child. This year I was especially eager to start a new classical approach to educating our eight-, seven-, four-, and three-year-old children.

I had lots of new workbooks, supplies, posters and charts, flashcards, novels, and even a schedule that hung on the wall filled with our activities from breakfast all the way through bedtime. We completed eight subjects a day, including Latin, book reports, poetry memorization, and lots of science experiments. I thought it was great, but by November, the kids were whining and complaining about having to do another worksheet. I was burning out. Our three-year-old seemed to regress in potty training and temper tantrums. The baby was getting older and into more things.

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