Unschool Learning

By September, every homeschooler in our state has outlined her proposed curriculum and sent it off to the local school district. I never found the forms our school district sent us particularly useful. They provided a planning sheet divided into small boxes, each about two inches by three inches, into which I was supposed to write all the topics I wished to cover–as well as books I would use.

I never did use the forms. Instead I wrote a descriptive curriculum outline, but it never seemed to include some of the more important things I hoped to teach my children. Things like independence and skepticism.

I started thinking about this the other day when a friend asked me, “What do you think every girl ought to know?”

“I’ve got guys,” I told her, “but I think I’d put ‘making your own lunch’ at the top of the list.” Knowing how to make a tuna sandwich or whip up a pot of macaroni is as important as knowing how to divide fractions. Maybe even more important.

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