The Door is Wide Open

The late Spring sunshine shone relentlessly through my windshield as I waited for the light to change across from the Middle School. Absently, my eyes wandered over the structure and I noted the flag pole and gray cement walls of the new section of the building. The old wing hung lamely off the end, a relic of a past when schools still had windows, windows, windows – just the right size for daydreaming students. But these windows were blank, unlike my mind which had leapfrogged through the door of my education memory file.

When I was in elementary school, going outside was limited to recesses and weekends. Storytime was twenty minutes right after lunch and a half-hour library period once a week. The wind was my enemy, snatching homework. The night was for sleeping. Students who stared out of windows were punished with public humiliation and extra homework. The door was never open.

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