Star Light, Star Bright

The night sky has always fascinated me. Whether lying on the grass in our backyard as a child (up way past bedtime on a starry summer night) or sailing on the ocean (all alone in the cockpit on my night watch), I have always found comfort in looking up to see familiar companions like Ursa Major or Orion lighting the night sky.

Even today I have an almost nightly ritual of going up on the deck of our sailboat to simply gaze at the night sky. I find beauty in a small wedge of the moon glowing softly. I feel secure knowing Polaris is there to show me the way north. I like calling the Milky Way my home. Some people feel insignificant in the vastness of our universe. I simply feel great joy at belonging to something so wonderful.

Fortunately, both my daughters share this interest in astronomy. Perhaps they had little choice in the matter.

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