Smart Technologies: Are They Making Us Less Than Human? by Michael Mendizza

To understand why I think that smart technologies are not as smart as they appear we need to share some appreciation for the fact that harmonic resonance is different from superficial sensation.

We know that a mother’s emotional state directly influences the nature and quality of the body and brain developing as her unborn child. We know that frequencies generated by the heart inform every cell of the body, moment by moment, of one’s relationship with everything. We know that inner ‘states’ of relationship are mirrored by hormones which shape perceptions, generate feelings of dis-ease or wholeness. We know that these radiant signals extend at least fifteen to twenty feet beyond the body. We know that each changing frequency implies a different meaning. We know that all living things are sensitive to and are affected by these signals. We know that DNA is dependent on this harmonic resonance and that all life depends on it. What we call bonding, mother to baby, child to family, to the tribe, to all of nature, to culture and the cosmos, is the shared meaning and expanding identity brought about by this invisible energetic connection. This is what I mean by resonance.

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