Reading Lessons

“At the time I wasn’t thinking about how my children learned to read, I was thinking about sleep; dear quiet, blessed darkness, restful repose. It was late at night, the lights were out, and my book lay on the stack next to my bed where I’d dropped it. I was falling in and out of sleep when the stillness was torn by the crash of…., of falling books? On top of that the kids were shrieking.”

In her article titled “Reading Lessons,” for the March-April 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine, Valerie Bonham Moon describes how her children learned to read by being read to. Farther on she notes:

“The skill of divining the sense of arbitrary ink marks on paper isn’t taught from other arbitrary ink marks in books. As with the spoken word it’s passed on, over time, from a more experienced reader to a less experienced reader.”

Good reading, free online, from a good writer.

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