Our Ultimate Field Trip

Yangshuo, China

It was always our intention not only to teach our children about the rest of the world, but to show it to them. We wanted them to meet and spend time with people with different world views, backgrounds, and beliefs than their own. To simply read about far away places never satisfied our appetite for learning. Our family was well known for whipping up international meals, dressing in costumes, and celebrating international holidays as part of our learning experience. Our wanderlust could not be satisfied. So it was when a friend approached us about a trip into China. China! We were all so excited we could barely contain our enthusiasm! The eight of us practically tackled the poor man for more information. Our dear friend had visited China before, taking a backpacker’s route that kept costs down and allowed for an excursion through The most beautiful provinces in the entire country. He was preparing for such a trip again and invited us to come along. With only one child in diapers, we could not pass up such a wonderful opportunity!

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