Older Kids: Less is More

“With adulthood around the corner, those parents want to do the right thing, the right thing often defined by the statement: “I don’t want to do anything that will wreck his chances of…..” You fill in the blank: getting into college, finding employment, joining the military, living on his own, etc. It is easy to be scared into trading big bucks for the assurance that you are doing the right thing.

“What I learned from homeschooling in the old days, when large conferences, indeed any conferences, were unheard-of and when finding resources was like pulling teeth, is that you really don’t need the glitzy stuff to succeed. In fact, avoiding glitz may be the key to more productive home education.

“How is it that Less Is More? Could refusing to spend $500 to $1,000 on new instructional materials not only save you money but also result in a better homeschooling experience for your family? The short answer is ‘Yes.’”

Mary Nix examines this classic article by Cafi Cohen, noting, “If you are familiar with her writing, Cafi has a wonderful way of encouraging us that home education does work and that you don’t have to break the bank to help find the resources that best meet your child’s needs. Not only is Cafi the author of several homeschool books, she was also a columnist for Home Education Magazine for a few years and many of her excellent articles can be accessed online.” Read Mary’s introduction and updated resources at the link above, and then read Cafi’s original article online. Support the magazine that has supported homeschooling since 1984: Subscribe to HEM!

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