Homeschooling in Italy

Homeschooling mom and blogger Debbie Harbeson has been featuring interviews with homechooling parents to showcase the fun and freedom of homeschooling across the U.S., but on Monday she broadened her net to include Sybille Kramer, a homeschooling mom in Italy! Debbie writes:

“I met Sybille while on one of my twisting, turning trips on the internet and somehow ended up at the top of the boot-shaped country. She lives in South Tyrol, Italy and blogs about her family here.

Sybille speaks German and Italian but very little English. She is trying to learn and one way she works on it is to read homeschooling blogs from English language writers.

She used google’s online translation to help her answer my questions and was relieved when I told her not to worry because I would correct any spelling and grammar.

I did change a couple places for readability, but you will see that I kept her answers pretty much as she wrote them to me. It just seems more authentic this way.”

Continue reading Debbie’s interview with Sybille.

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