Free Home School

“My husband and I received some great advice when we first got married: Two can live as cheaply as oneprovided one of you doesn’t eat! That’s true with kids, too. Raising kids costs. With five children and one income, we have had periods of time in past years that were much too tight for comfort. We’ve even had a couple of years when we literally had no money for books. But our children’s education has never suffered for it. I learned to snoop out free resources wherever they may be hiding in order to provide my children with a quality education while still being able to buy groceries.”

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One Response to Free Home School

  1. Mindy on March 26, 2012 at 6:27 am

    Sounds like a wonderful article. We are a family of almost 10 on one income so we totally get where you are coming from! I have had a bad habit of buying all kinds of fun things for school but then never using them. So sometimes it is nice to be reminded that there are free resources and then if you don’t use them – you aren’t out a dime!