Free-Range Kids

Free-Range Kids is the name of a weblog which invites contributions from parents: “Chances are, your childhood was not all about fear and huge ‘What if’s.’ Chances are you walked to school and rode your bike and stayed out till the lights came on, right? Maybe you even ate an unwashed grape. Tell us about your freedom, and especially: The moment you felt most grown up. And, if you’d like, tell us how you’re trying to give your kids that same kind of independence.”

Lenore Skenazy’s Free-Range Kids concept has long been familiar to many homeschooling families. Lenore writes “Somehow, a whole lot of parents are just convinced that nothing outside the home is safe. At the same time, they’re also convinced that their children are helpless to fend for themselves. While most of these parents walked to school as kids, or hiked the woods — or even took public transportation — they can’t imagine their own offspring doing the same thing. They have lost confidence in everything: Their neighborhood. Their kids. And their own ability to teach their children how to get by in the world. Homeschooling parents haven’t forgotten…”

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