Exploring Music!

“What is music? For homeschoolers, it’s lullabies, silly songs, friends and neighbors making music for their own enjoyment, informal concerts, maybe formal concerts, and the opportunity to truly develop their musical talent.” –Larry and Susan Kaseman

“… I wanted my children to at least have the opportunity to explore music on their own and know others who share a passion for it. We have always had a variety of instruments available in our house from the time our children were babies and hey have had easy access to a keyboard, violin, guitar, dulcimer and a variety of easy to use instruments such as recorders, tambourines, harmonicas and triangles. Only two of us have had any formal lessons, but we have enjoyed playing an instrument, singing , attending a concert or just listening to a favorite CD.”

Mary Nix collected several great articles and some terrific resources for HEM’s A Closer Look at Music – read the entire collection online! Like what you’re reading here? Why not subscribe today and enjoy all the delightful reading to be found in every issue of Home Education Magazine?

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One Response to Exploring Music!

  1. Gwen M on July 7, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    I am just learning about home education. I intend to home educate my children who are currently 1 and 3 years old. We have found a wonderful music program called Kindermusik (www.kindermusik.com) which both of my children love. It is a family-oriented, family centered learning program that teaches much more than just singing, dancing, and instrumentals. It also builds self-esteem, opportunities for my children to practice sharing and taking turns with other children besides each other, cooperation, large and small motor movement, and making new friends. Classes usually meet once a week. We participate in the Family Time program. I do highly recommend this program to all families who have children in the birth to seven years age group.