Control Over Our Time

“Homeschooling gives us control over our time, one of our most precious and limited resources. We have more time to work with because we don’t have to ride school buses, collect endless forms, etc. We can get enough rest, which makes life much easier. We can plan our time in ways that work well for us, whether this be a regular schedule or a more flexible approach. Learning can occur at meal times, on weekends and holidays, at times when parents who work outside the home are with us. We can spend time on what is most important to us, whether that is family life, interactions with other people, academics, religion, service to others, health, nature, art and aesthetics, etc.”

From Why Independence Is Essential To Homeschooling, by Larry and Susan Kaseman, Home Education Magazine, Sept/Oct, 2002.

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2 Responses to Control Over Our Time

  1. […] “Homeschooling gives us control over our time, one of our most precious and limited resources. ” […]

  2. Kai on October 12, 2010 at 5:20 am

    Yes! And the ability to travel for extended trips to see family in other places so the kids can see how they live and learn about other environments. Hard to do if you are tied to a traditional school schedule.

    Not to mention the current trend to cut art, music, physical education and recess from the traditional schools. Those things are important & if I were to supplement public school with sports, art classes and music classes my kid would be way over scheduled. Why not make the most of our time and skip all the wasted minutes/hours during a typical school day? Waiting for other kids to finish their work so the whole class can move on, sitting on the bus for an hour a day, standing in lines & waiting for everyone to be quiet so the whole class can leave the room…