A Learning Cooperative

“I couldn’t believe all the bones…”

That’s one kid talking about dissecting owl pellets. Actually it was Micah, age eight, writing a newspaper article for the Once-in-a-Lifetime Paper. All of the writers were homeschoolers from three towns in northwest Iowa, and both the owl pellets and the newspaper were part of a six-week learning co-op.

A couple of us called our friends and homeschool acquaintances and got together for one (only one!) brainstorming meeting. Our idea? To offer a series of classes, taught by us. We figured our non-classroom-oriented kids might benefit from a stint with a larger group. They might learn things that work better when there are more kids around. Might inspire each other? Collaborate? Socialize? Part of the thought behind this co-op, too, was to offer choices, at least for the kids who cared the most.

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